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'BIGVIEW' Visual Enhancing Device (without monitor)

'BIGVIEW' Visual Enhancing Device (without monitor)

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Data-Link West has developed the 'BIGVIEW' visual enhancing device for small print reading. While Macular Degeneration reading devices may cost between $3,000.00 to $4,500.00, the 'BIGVIEW' visual enhancer can be purchased for $600.00.

The BIGVIEW visual device consists of a USB camera with adjustable stand; a small Raspberry PI computer; wireless large key keyboard and mouse and video control software configured for the HDMI system. All cables are included for hooking the system up. A 15' USB extension cable for the USB hub and camera will be included for your big screen monitor.

We have created a user friendly, step-by-step BIGVIEW assembly manual, for easy plug and play use. If you find that you need assistance, Data-Link West will gladly help with your assembly.

To order your BIGVIEW visual enhancing device for small print reading, contact Data-Link West by emailing

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